RDNL promotes FAIR research data by offering training and expertise for data support.

Two ways to get started

Course versions and enrolment

Essentials 4 Data Support revolves around the online course material. In addition to acquiring knowledge, practicing and sharing this knowledge are key points

There are two different ways to take the course: 

Two ways to get started

  1. Online only 
    You have access to the chapters in the learning environment and can study them in whatever way that suits you and meets your learning needs. You will not have access to most assignments and quizzes.
    Start the online-only course
  2. Full course (online + face 2 face with certificate)
    • The full course starts with a course day during which you will meet your fellow course participants, your instructors and a number of experts in the field. The instructors will also explain the structure of the online part of the course. 
    • Until the second course day (about six weeks later) you will have time to study the content of the online learning environment. Among other things, you will be asked to do a current topic assignment, create a data management plan, reflect on your learning process, comment on a case about the legal framework for research data and end with an assignment of your choice. Moodle is used for the assignments.
    • The second course day focuses on presentations by the course participants and an evaluation. In addition, a number of experts will talk about their own experiences and you will receive a certificate – provided you have completed all assignments.

Time investment for the full course

In addition to the two course days, the average online study load is four to probably six hours per week (50 hours in total).


  • The online-only versions are free.
  • The full course costs € 895, exclusive of VAT.

Course dates and location

Three rounds of “Essentials” are organized every year, two in English and one in Dutch. A training round usually covers a period of about 6 weeks. 

The course consists of two days of face-to-face teaching, supplemented with online content and assignments. Upon successful completion of all these components, you will receive a certificate.

The face-to-face teaching will take place on Monday, September 23rd (at SURF, Utrecht), and on Monday, November 11th  (at TU Delft).  

You can register here.

You can start with the online-only versions at any time.


If you have any questions, please contact cursus@researchdata.nl.

Terms of use

Cancellation / no show 

If you cannot attend the course, please let us know as soon as possible via cursus@researchdata.nl. Then we might be able to fill up your vacant spot. 

If we receive your cancellation up to 7 days prior to the first course day (the date of the first group meeting) no payment is required. For later cancellations we will have to charge the full amount. If you don’t attend the course without timely cancellation (up to 7 days prior to the first course day via cursus@researchdata.nl) the full amount will also be charged.

Choice of system 

If you want to use all functionalities the Essentials 4 Data Support course has to offer, we recommend taking the course on a Desktop PC, laptop or tablet (landscape orientation).