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Time for change! | Wishing Ellen Verbakel Happy Trails

January 11, 2021

As from January 1st 2021, Ellen Verbakel will conclude her activities as a coach/trainer for the Essentials 4 Data Support course.

After establishing the course in 2011 as Data Intelligence 4 Librarians,Ellen was involved in training the data supporters. In 2014, the course was completely re-freshed and re-engineered. From that time, the course was delivered at least twice per year together with 4TU.ResearchData’s partners in the RDNL coalition.

Over the years, Ellen was involved in the training of over 300 data supporters. In this way, Ellen contributed to the development and professionalisation of a solid base of data supporters in the Netherlands.

From 2021 onwards Ellen will be enjoying her free time and will see where her feet will take her. As you may know, Ellen is a passionate walker.

Ellen, your RDNL coalition colleagues will miss you greatly, thank you for many years of great collaboration and wish you Happy Trails!