RDNL promotes FAIR research data by offering training and expertise for data support.

The Dutch Data Prize

Every two years, the Dutch Data Prize is awarded to an individual or a team that makes research data FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. 

In order to have a chance to win this prize, it is possible to nominate a dataset produced by yourself or by another individual or research group. Nominations are restricted to research that was led or primarily conducted by research-performing organisations in The Netherlands. The deadline for nominating datasets is 16 August 2024.

On 17 October 2024, the Dutch Data Prize will be awarded during the FAIR-IMPACT National Roadshow in three categories:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Natural and Engineering Sciences
  • Life Sciences and Health

The winners of the Dutch Data Prize receive €3.500,- towards making their dataset more FAIR, e.g. by organizing a symposium or by making the data accessible online.


The Dutch Data Prize 2024 criteria provide guidance for preparing submissions and ensure transparency about criteria to which the jury will adhere in assessing submissions.

Download the Dutch Data Prize Award Criteria 2024.


The winners of the Dutch Data Prize will be chosen by an independent committee. The names of the committee members will soon be announced.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on 17 October 2024 in collaboration with the FAIR-IMPACT National Roadshow with an engaging program for researchers, research support professionals and open science enthusiasts alike. The event will take place in the Hague, from 13:00 – 16:45, the full programme is available (the plenary sessions can also be followed online).

To attend the awards show, you need to register on the FAIR-IMPACT National Roadshow webpage. Here, you can choose to attend only the awards ceremony or both events.

Prize Winning Research Data Practices

The Dutch Data Prize is a valuable recognition of researchers’ contributions to their own field and to the principle of FAIR data. There are many routes to practising FAIR data management and each of the finalists will have the opportunity to share ‘behind the scenes’ details about their research and data management practices in a short address prior to the award ceremony.

Curious who are the previous winners? Have a look here and read about their work. 


The Dutch Data Prize 2024 is offered to you by Research Data Netherlands partners (RDNL): 4TU.ResearchData, DANS, Health-RI en SURF.