Data Prize

Who will win the Dutch Data Prize 2018?

This year, for the fifth time, the Dutch Data Prize will be awarded for a scientist or research group that has made an extraordinary contribution to science by making research data available for additional or new research. Researchers can nominate themselves, another researcher or a research group. The deadline for nominations was July 1st. The award ceremony will be held at November 28, 2018.

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In 2018 the Data Prize will be awarded in three categories: 1) humanities and social sciences, 2) exact and technical sciences and 3) medical and life sciences. Curious for the previous Data Prize winners?


The winners receive a sculpture and €5,000 to make their data set (more) accessible, (for instance by organising a symposium or disclosing the data online).

Reward ceremony & jury

The award ceremony will be held on November 28 at NWO.

Under supervision of Stan Gielen (voorzitter NWO), the members of the jury are:

  • In the category 'Humanities and Social Sciences': Jos Bazelmans (hoofd Archeologie Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, bijzonder hoogleraar Monumentenzorg Vrije Universiteit) and Hans de Jonge (adviseur Open Science & Kwaliteit NWO)
  • In the category 'Exact and Technical Sciences': Frank van Harmelen (hoogleraar Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Vrije Universiteit) and Geert-Jan Houben (hoogleraar Web Information Systems TU Delft, directeur Delft Data Science)
  • In the category 'Medical and Life Sciences': Inez Joung (Chief Data Officer Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) en Nanda Piersma (bijzonder lector Big Data in de Stad Hogeschool van Amsterdam)


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Enthousiast winners last years 

  • "Show how good your database or dataset is! For us, the Data Prize has been a jewel in our crown.” Kees Mandemakers, 2010 Data Prize winner
  • "Being awarded the Data Prize, even being nominated, underlines the importance of your work. It feels good.” Maarten Marx, 2012 Data Prize winner
  • "Winning the Data Prize indicates that we are on the right track.” Mark van Koningsveld, 2012 Data Prize winner
  • "The Data Prize is a confirmation that we’re heading in the right direction.” Martine de Bruin, 2014 Data Prize winner
  • "Winning the Data Prize allows us to make important improvements we have long desired.” Marijke Dekker, 2014 Data Prize winner
  • "We are honored that the jury underlined the international and interdisciplinary importance of the dataset." Loes Scholten, winner of the Data Prize 2016
  • "We are extremely pleased and proud, winning this award shows that the years of development were more than worth it." Bastijn Koopmans, winner of the Data Prize 2016
  • "The Data Prize is a good boost for all the work." Joaquin Vanschoren, winner of the Data Prize 2016