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SURFsara strengthens Research Data Netherlands

SURFsara strengthens Research Data Netherlands

25 September 2014

Yesterday, Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), the collaborative partnership between 3TU.Datacentrum and DANS, welcomed SURFsara. The arrival of this new partner enables RDNL to assist more academic institutions in the sustainable storage and sharing of research data through a collective approach.

The strengths of SURFsara lie in the area of national computing and data services, including High Performance Computing, and therefore complement the existing domains of RDNL: the technical sciences (via 3TU.Datacentrum) and the social sciences and humanities (via DANS – Data Archiving and Networked Services).

Accession of SURFsara

The official accession of SURFsara took place during the presentation of the Dutch Data Prize by Research Data Netherlands. At 16:50, Peter Doorn (director of DANS), Wilma van Wezenbeek (director of TU Delft Library) and Axel Berg (deputy director of SURFsara) signed the statement of intent, which details their further collaboration. "We are pleased to have confirmed this strategic partnership today. With the collaboration within RDNL we can support researchers in the Netherlands even better and more effectively, with a broad andjoint catalogof services, expertise and innovation", Axel Berg states.

The Data Prize was being presented in the Meervaart in Amsterdam and coincided with the Research Data Alliance international conference.

From left to right: Wilma van Wezenbeek (3TU.Datacentrum/TU Delft), Axel Berg (SURFsara) and Peter Doorn (DANS).
Credits foto: Annemiek van der Kuil

About Research Data Netherlands

Research Data Netherlands has been active since May 2013. The coalition partners collectively ensure that the data services of the participating organisations are effectively made accessible and available for reuse. As such, a single point of contact is created for recipients of these services, particularly the front offices of universities and other institutions. They maintain primary contact with researchers in the area of research data management. The front offices can therefore rely on the expertise of the unified back office. In this way, RDNL seeks to promote the sustainable archiving and reuse of research data in the Netherlands.

More information

In addition to the biennial Dutch Data Prize, Research Data Netherlands also offers the Essentials 4 Data Support course. Read more about Research Data Netherlands on the website.