RDNL promotes FAIR research data by offering training and expertise for data support.

New Essentials 4 Data Support (E4DS) modules 

December 21, 2022

The latest modules and dates of the Essentials 4 Data Support course are now available.

Are you a data supporter and looking for support in storing, managing, archiving and sharing research data? Then follow the course Essentials 4 Data Support. This course covers the essential building blocks of the work field, providing an overview of the phases that scientific research data goes through in their data lifecycle.

Learn more about how this course can help you advance your skills as a (research) data supporter: https://datasupport.researchdata.nl/en/about-the-course 

The timeline for the first course is as follows:

Course: E4DS 2023-1

Day 1: 9 Feb  (at DANS)

Day 2: 28 Mar (at SURF)

Language: English

Coaches: DANS (Kim) – SURF (Ander)

Registration is now available via this form: https://datasupport.researchdata.nl/